Hello, We're Chestr 👋

We’re a group of creators, collectors, engineers, and entrepreneurs working hard to help push the NFT space forward.

We believe NFT applications are going to drive the biggest creative economy we’ve seen in history.

The problem is, many creators are drowned out with little exposure and sales. It's hard to do this alone.

We're building a platform to facilitate open collaborations among creators. It's a suite of tools that aligns individual efforts into shared efforts to promote outcomes that benefit all.

If you want to go far, go together.


Michael Yeung

Co-Founder, Business & Ops Lead

Sofiane Ouafir

Co-Founder, Engineering Lead

John Yeung

Co-Founder, Product Lead

Gianmarco Tudisco

Community Lead & Moderator

Andrea Reade

Community Lead & Moderator

Soroush Ghaffarian

Community Lead & Curator