Co-create the Next
Web3 Cultural Classics

Discover collab opportunities to create the next Loot or BAYC.

Contribute to share rewards β€” both financial and socially.

The Future of Creative Work
is Composable

Every piece of creative work is a lego block β€” to be assembled and transformed into something novel.

A poem can be the lyrics of a new song. A sound can be visualized in a new animation. An illustration can be the design of a new Metaverse streetwear.

When ideas meet, new possibilities are unlocked.

An Open Collaboration Network

Public infrastructure for ideas to find each other and collide

Opportunity feed

A stream of collab opportunities at your finger tips. Discover creative projects that are the perfect fit for your interest and experience level.

Revenue share pools

Join forces with like-minded creators to create and promote together. Earnings are distributed trustlessly via smart contracts.

Social rewards

In addition to regular earnings, you earn Street Cred and $COLLAB for your participation. Build your reputation over time and unlock access to bigger opportunities.

Remixing & attribution

Take others’ good ideas and run with them.

If you are the original creator, you get attributed and rewarded in $COLLAB. Everybody wins.

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